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Shell - Pad 14

: Canada
: Alberta
: 2007
: RoadCem

Shell Canada’s Personnel was challenged with a location on Chinook Ridge Southwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta (Canada) where road bans were in effect and aggregate was in short supply, where rainfall caused the local clays to lose load bearing capacity and or where matting costs were prohibitive.


CARES Ltd. introduced PowerCem™® Technologies and then Nano based stabilization process to Western Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry. The product RoadCem makes it possible to custom design mixes combined with fly ash, cement and in-situ soils of virtually any type eliminating the need to truck in or out any material significantly reducing the cost of road construction and environmental impacts. RoadCem construction is water impermeable so pollutions on top of the stabilization are not able to penetrate in the soil.


A major concern for the Oil & Gas companies is what does our process do to the existing soils and how does it affect future reclamation as the responsibility resides with the lease

or landholder to return the site to original state and use.

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