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Innovations for better solutions!


ConcreCem was developed to improve the properties of concrete and mortar in project-specific concrete applications.  ConcreCem is a fine, powdered blend that displays unique properties in the end product.

ConcreCem increases the durability of concrete and mortar when added. The addition of ConcreCem contributes to considerably improved impermeability against water, salts and acids, while greatly improving heat resistance and physical and chemical properties in general.

ConcreCem modifies the dynamism and chemistry of the cement hydration process, and improves the crystallisation process with the formation of durable crystalline compounds. Varying the quantity of ConcreCem and adapting the water/cement factor can influence viscosity to ensure a faster hardening time.

ConcreCem improves workability and reduces heat generation during the cement hydration process. ConcreCem enables active and complete hydration dynamics with early strength development if required.

ConcreCem is used to develop concrete applications that can offer customers enormous advantages.