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Innovations for better solutions!

Company info

PowerCem Technologies

... is an innovative company set up in 1996 that has already been a fixture on the market for years! We are unique in our technology and products, and wish to continue championing this as an organisation. We believe that based on innovation, assertion and expertise we can find successful solutions for our customers.

... has a large worldwide team of enthusiastic personnel and partners, with great importance attached to man and the environment, just like the quality we wish to provide to our customers. We underpin the quality for which we stand by working with international bodies and universities such as the TU Delft and UNESCO.

... continues to lead the way, while besides supplying products and the associated know-how, also goes in search of sustainable/economic solutions together with our customers. We do this with a team of civil engineers and a materials engineering laboratory. Our team endeavours to provide the highest quality service in a personal manner.

... is established in Moerdijk. Moerdijk is a logistically strategic port and industrial site located between international seaports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp. Our products can accordingly be exported along good connections by road, waterway or air within a short as possible period.

PowerCem's customers include contractors, authorities and engineering offices.