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Cold recycling Malo Buchino

: Bulgarije
: Malo Buchino
: 2013
: RoadCem

One of the entrances to the village of Malo Buchino needed to be renovated. During the renovation it was required that the road is not completely closed and should be accessible for traffic.

The RoadCem technology of PowerCem Technologies makes it possible to reuse the existing foundation material and asphalt completely.
With RoadCem, the in-situ material is converted into a tough, flexible cement stabilization. No material needs to be excavated, or to be supplied and the construction time is significantly reduced. The construction achieves in addition to a high compressive strength, a higher flexibility with respect to conventional road constructions so that the stabilization is more resistant to deformation and cracking.

The existing asphalt construction is completely crushed and milled, and together with RoadCem, cement and water into a new road base which could be loaded within 24 hours so that the right-hand side of the road one could construct without it on day 1, the left-hand side and on day 2 to hinder. transit traffic Then, the stabilization is finished with an asphalt wearing course in order to prevent the erosion of the stabilization and
obtain sufficient. roughness of the road

Applying the PowerCem technology led next to a huge time savings in cost savings of 30% compared
traditional methods, a reduction in future increases by lower maintenance costs.

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