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Reconstruction bicycle path

: The Netherlands
: Noordwijk
: 2012
: RoadCem

Situated in Noordwijk, close to The Hague in the Netherlands, is the Kennemerland Nature Reserve. The bicycle path there was reconstructed in the most environmentally friendly manner using the PowerCem technology. 


Because of the fact that RoadCem, a product of PowerCem Technologies, makes it possible to use in-situ-material and to reuse old asphalt, the city decided to commission the works with RoadCem.

Using RoadCem means that no materials need be removed from the site and that only very few materials must be supplied. The milled asphalt and the in-situ foundation material are bound into a new, durable stabilization with a high compression strength and flexibility. With this technology, construction time is reduced and costs are lowered.


A 5cm-layer of asphalt is applied over this foundation to make the road surface sufficiently stiff and even so that it meets the strict quality requirements for cyclists.


The application of the PowerCem technology, which utilizes the old asphalt and the existing foundation, results in the use of fewer new construction materials. At the end of the service life of the RoadCem construction, the construction itself can be milled and left behind in these natural surroundings. One of the properties of RoadCem stabilizations is that their pH value is sufficiently low to allow plant regrowth in the milled material. In traditional cement stabilizations, the pH value is too high, and therefore this material must be removed from the site.

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