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Oil platform

: Brazil
: Urucu
: 2014
: RoadCem

In Urucu in the Amazon region, oil drilling is in progress. The drilling companies have to comply with a number of strict conditions that also affect the surfacing upon which the oil-drilling machines are placed.
Oil-drilling machines are relatively heavy, as well as being temporary (they are relocated after a number of years). The temporary surfacing must therefore be made of either modular or eco-friendly materials. Due to the high operating costs, it is vital that oil-drilling platforms are constructed as quickly as possible. When drilling for oil, you must ensure that it does not leak through the surfacing and pollute the groundwater. Surfacing with an impermeable structure is therefore desirable.
In the Amazon region, the conditions make it difficult to install a platform. Prolonged heavy rainfall results in delays that can last months. Technology and techniques that reduce construction time and reduce the impact of the climatological conditions are therefore extremely advantageous.
RoadCem provides an optimal solution for the construction of oil platforms. RoadCem enables you to convert the on-site surface - a highly plastic clay - into a solid, flexible and impermeable plate. This unique characteristic prevents any structural damage or deformation.
Thanks to the stabilisation technology and the ability to apply RoadCem stabilisation to on-site ground with a high water content, the impact of the climatological conditions is limited.
At the end of its operational life, RoadCem stabilisation can simply be milled, and the milled material does not need to be transported away. These unique attributes ensure that after milling, the stabilisation is pH neutral and no contaminants are released.

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