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MWH Global at Clay Mills - Piling Mats and Constru

: United Kingdom
: 2012
: RoadCem

Virtually any soils found on construction sites, including organic top soils and most contaminated soils found on site can be stabilized by the use of our unique RoadCem Technology to form effective Piling Mats and Construction Platforms.

By using the existing “on site” soils or materials, construction can in most cases be commenced far quicker and with reduced planning and environmental constraint and delays. The use of site won materials will lead to significant savings in lorry movements and big reductions in the environmental damage and overall carbon footprint of the project.

Recycling in-site soils and materials has major sustainability benefits; reductions in the extraction of primary aggregates and the costly exercise of land filling excavated site waste. The early establishment of a stabilized all weather working platform will provide a safe and sufficiently durable working surface on which trucks and construction plant, such as piling rigs and cranes can operate safely.

Clear economic and sustainability benefits can be derived from the use of soil stabilization :

-  Where full use is made of all site-won materials
- Where the mats and platforms can be used and re-used and/or reengineered for a variety of purposes throughout the construction process finally becoming permanent works.

Stabilized working platforms formed by effectively engineering the existing site soils can be utilized many times through a construction site life-cycle; they may provide support for the works plant, ensuring minimal degradation or improve the existing site top soils, to act as formwork for casting pad foundations, provide a surface for steelwork erection and act as a structural element within a floor slab or pavement, as well immediately providing early temporary access roads, compounds and project car parking.

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