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Grass silage sites

: The Netherlands
: Tynaarlo/Zwijnmaden
: 2013
: RoadCem

Under the authority of the Forest Management Agency of the Northern Netherlands, grass silage sites are being constructed at some 10 sites in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. During the summer months, the grass is mown and stored so that it can be fed to the animals in the winter. The grass must be stored dry on a hard surface that is impermeable to water and on which agricultural vehicles can drive to load and unload the grass. Another consideration at these sites is that mown grasses can release acids, which means that the road surface used must be resistant to these acids. The road surfaces must also be able to be responsibly left behind in nature after their use.


The use of RoadCem, a product from PowerCem Technologies, provides the solution for all of the requirements mentioned above. The use of RoadCem can stabilize the local soil (clay, sand). By stabilizing the subgrade using RoadCem, a cement stabilization is realized that is impermeable to water and that has a high degree of stiffness and flexibility. These properties ensure adequate resistance to deformations and cracking.  As a result, the stabilization is extremely well-suited to absorbing these variable loads.


By applying the RoadCem technology, the pH value of the cement stabilization is lowered to a level that will allow the regrowth of plants after the stabilization is milled. This way, the milled stabilization material can remain in nature at the end of the service life of the road. In short, an ecological and sustainable solution!

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