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Evaluation of roads on an industrial site

: Russia
: Saint Petersburg
: 2014
: RoadCem

In Saint Petersburg in August 2013, an industrial site was constructed on a landfill. The on-site roads were constructed using RoadCem stabilisation covered with a 5cm layer of asphalt. Saint Petersburg, like most of Russia, is renowned for its extremely cold winters. In the winter of 2013-2014, the lowest recorded temperature dropped below -30oC.
As the RoadCem stabilisation was laid on a landfill, the ground consisted of sand, clay, stone, concrete rubble, organic material and metal objects. This material was compacted to the greatest extent possible. To avoid isolated weak spots in the subsoil, 0.35m of RoadCem stabilisation was applied.
One year after the project, and following intensive use, a visual inspection was carried out. Despite being subjected to telescopic cranes, intensive lorry traffic and extremely low temperatures, not a single crack was detected in the roads.
As RoadCem had proved itself capable of withstanding the local climate and intensive usage, the client decided to use it for the rest of the industrial site’s infrastructure.

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