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Sewage plant Cambridge Growth

: United Kingdom
: Cambridge
: 2013
: RoadCem

The project was for Permanent & Temporary haulage routes to access ASP & FST water effluent tanks, where a heavy construction plant is required to operate. The peaty topsoil materials were stabilised in two 0.3 m layers, giving an overall depth of 0.6 m.
The existing soils were highly organic and the alternative was to remove this and import stone into a very congested area.
At the time of writing this, the roadways are holding up very well with multiple heavy vehicle movements during the construction process of the new tanks.
The RoadCem construction was validated using 400 kN/m2 0.6m diameter plate bearing tests.
Virtually any soils found on the construction sites, including organic top soils and most contaminated soils found on site could be stabilised by the use of our unique RoadCem Technology to form effective Piling Mats and Construction Platforms.
By using the existing “on-site” soils or materials, construction could in most cases be commenced far quicker and with reduced planning and environmental constraints and delays. The use of site won materials will lead to significant savings in the lorry movements and big reductions in environmental damage and the overall carbon footprint of the project.

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