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Moscow Country Club

: Russia
: 2013
: RoadCem

In September 2013, the international Golf tournement “ The Russian open“ will take place.  On  August 14th there was decided to start to renovate the 3 km long Avenue that connects the Golf Court with the Road network of Moscow. Due to the short construction time, high quality and the economic benefit, the client concluded that using RoadCem was the solution.


The current asphalt road was crushed, mixed with sand and leveled. The road is located in a swamp area. This leads to a sub soil with a low bearing capacity. This means that the pavement construction must be flexural and having a high elastc modulus. By using a RoadCem stabilization this is achieved.


After the crushing of the asphalt, leveling with sand, adding RoadCem and cement, the crushed asphalt and the sand is stabilized. Due to the fact that the road had to be opened for traffic during the construction time, traffic was driving over the stabilization after 24 hours.  48 hours after the stabilizations was constructed a layer of asphalt was laid on top of the stabilization.

The 3 km long Road construction is finished in 14 days and the mission is achieved

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